The Focus Group is Dead?…Long Live the Focus Group!

Years ago, the naysayers began to predict, “THE DEATH OF THE FOCUS GROUP”.   I remember thinking – ‘what if they’re right?’.  After all, who knew what the sexy new world of on-line research had in store for what was increasingly being seen as an outdated methodology – one started in the 60’s to support  the creative musings of Madison Avenue  Ad Men.

I’ve noticed that this dire prophecy has resurfaced of late and I can’t help but think that it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Focus Groups aren’t perfect – there, I’ve said it – but the fact is, no one method can be all things to all people. Through focus group fatigue, method bias, inexperience or unreasonable expectations, I wonder if we’ve lost sight of what was once prized and admired about Focus Groups. Continue reading