Packaging Research – Ten Steps to Actionable Insights

  1. Don’t rush the research process – the stakes are high and the risks too great.
  2. Set clear benchmarks for success – and stick to them irrespective of the results.
  3. New packaging cannot ‘win’ on every metrics – it is important to assess performance on the core objectives outlined in the design brief.
  4. Include the current packaging as a benchmark – this will provide clear direction on the implications of a change and the potential for success of the new design. Continue reading

The Focus Group is Dead?…Long Live the Focus Group!

Years ago, the naysayers began to predict, “THE DEATH OF THE FOCUS GROUP”.   I remember thinking – ‘what if they’re right?’.  After all, who knew what the sexy new world of on-line research had in store for what was increasingly being seen as an outdated methodology – one started in the 60’s to support  the creative musings of Madison Avenue  Ad Men.

I’ve noticed that this dire prophecy has resurfaced of late and I can’t help but think that it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Focus Groups aren’t perfect – there, I’ve said it – but the fact is, no one method can be all things to all people. Through focus group fatigue, method bias, inexperience or unreasonable expectations, I wonder if we’ve lost sight of what was once prized and admired about Focus Groups. Continue reading