Packaging Research – Ten Steps to Actionable Insights

  1. Don’t rush the research process – the stakes are high and the risks too great.
  2. Set clear benchmarks for success – and stick to them irrespective of the results.
  3. New packaging cannot ‘win’ on every metrics – it is important to assess performance on the core objectives outlined in the design brief.
  4. Include the current packaging as a benchmark – this will provide clear direction on the implications of a change and the potential for success of the new design. Continue reading

Confessions of a Shopper Researcher


It starts in the parking lot. 
Always crowded. Always sprinkled with rogue grocery carts waiting to make their getaway, wheels dangerously pointing towards my car.  A defective cart with a seized wheel is always waiting for me and it’s starting to feel personal. As I walk away, I say a prayer to the patron saint of cars (yes, there is one!)

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