Research & Incite is Hiring!

We have the following two positions available immediately to join our team in Toronto.


Senior Account Manager

What does the role involve?

  • Working directly with clients to understand their research needs and provide research solutions
  • Liaising with clients on a day to day basis and throughout each stage of the project, as necessary
  • Managing and coordinating different aspects of the research process from proposal writing and research design, project set up, analysis and interpretation of the results to preparation of the report and presentation delivery
  • Learning and utilizing Research & Incite’s proprietary approaches (when required) to address the business objectives
  • Working with the project team to ensure all aspects of the study run smoothly and within the project budget
  • Working alongside a dedicated, enthusiastic team of research professionals with the focus of the work within the CPG sector

What you can bring to the Team

  • 6 or more years’ experience in a market research agency
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail and an ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to draw insights and present in an engaging manner
  • Demonstrate initiative and ability to problem solve
  • Thrive in a fast paced environment and deliver to the required deadline
  • Highly motivated, self-directed and committed to delivering to the client’s needs
  • Strong knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of French and familiarity with Rosetta Studio an asset

Programming & Data Processing Manager

What does the role involve?

  • Programming online surveys using the Beacon platform
  • Setting up and managing daily quotas
  • Providing advice on survey programming and quotas
  • Setting up and running data tabulations in Wincross
  • Solid understanding and ability to implement different forms of data weighting
  • Being responsive and anticipating executives needs/requests
  • Team player and willing to put in extra hours as required
  • Understanding of data and statistical analysis
  • Ensuring data integrity, questioning the data and producing error free reports

What You Can Bring to the Team

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in survey programming and data processing
  • Knowledge of Wincross, SPSS, Excel and Beacon
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrate initiative and ability to problem solve
  • Creativity in implementation of solutions to programming and data tabulations
  • Responsive to the needs of Research & Incite Executives
  • Willing to work extra hours when required in order to get the job done
  • Ability and desire to work in a fast paced environment
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Knowledge of French an asset

A strategic market research agency, Research & Incite offers research consultancy to a diverse range of blue chip clients across North America and Europe.

With a focus on innovation, we provide a substantial and ever evolving tool kit of validated proprietary techniques, enabling us to provide unique business solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

We aim to think differently, approaching each new project with fresh eyes, providing solutions to complex business issues.

We look on our role as being the client’s research partner, an extension of their research department. It is this partnership approach that has enabled Research & Incite to build strong, endurable relationships with many clients over the years.

Are you a passionate market researcher who is looking to advance their career?

Contact us by emailing your cover letter and resume to and start your journey to a new and exciting career.

Honour the Past, Embrace the Future

2016 MRIA Annual Conference

Mary Logan recently co-presented a paper at the 2016 MRIA Annual Conference in Montreal with Jennifer Tilk from SSI. The paper: A Stitch in Time, Save Nine…… Minutes, highlights the benefits of Data Stitching and how this approach addresses the changing focus of market research. The Data Stitching approach was utilized in a recent U&A study conducted for the beverage alcohol market and this paper examines the benefits of this tool, how the data was analyzed and impact of the findings including the changing role of market research.

If you would like further information on the content of the paper, Mary is available to present the findings and to discuss in greater depth the benefits of this approach.

Please contact Mary at for details.


How to Form and Establish Meaningful Relationships with Ethnic Groups within Canada

How-to-Form-and-Establish-Meaningful-Relationships-with-Ethnic-Groups-within-Canada-640x360Original article is published in Esomar’s Click here to view original article on Esomar's RW CONNECT.

A recent study by BBC Radio declared Toronto the most ‘multicultural metropolis’ –  51 per cent of Toronto’s population is foreign born, and some 230 different nationalities call the city home.

This cultural diversity has opened up new opportunities for marketers in Canada, as well as thrown some challenges along the way. Here are a few pointers on how marketers can engage with these diverse consumer groups in a meaningful manner.

Providing a sense of familiarity
The wide availability of ethnic food products offers more than just convenience. It provides consumers with the access to the same products they grew up with, thereby engendering a sense of ‘being at home’. So when a popular grocery store uses a grandmother recently arrived from India to communicate the variety of ethnic foods, they are indeed confirming the relevance and connection the store has with this particular ethnic group. Continue reading

Research & Incite and SSI Presented a Webinar on Data Stitching

a-stitch-in-time-webinar-imageResearch & Incite and SSI recently presented a webinar for the Market Research Association. The webinar outlined a methodology to address the growing need for shorter and more cost effective surveys – Data Stitching.

In today’s mobile world, surveys must become shorter. But how do we get high quality data with just a few minutes of questions?

This is a dilemma the Mike’s Beverage Company faced. The company is the name behind disruptive brands such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Palm Bay and is constantly looking to understand the changing needs of consumers.

With the explosion of the cider category, Mike’s Beverage Company needed an in depth understanding of the consumer and growth opportunities for their Okanagan Premium Cider. However, they were faced with the difficulty of conducting a U&A in a respondent & budget friendly format.

This session demonstrates how the company, working with their research partner and sample provider, gained consumer understanding and insights by breaking the survey into separate modules.

This was only the beginning; the more complex stage was in putting together the pieces and this paper demonstrated how these modules were stitched together to complete the story.

Anagha Patwardhan has been promoted to Executive Vice President


Anagha Patwardhan has recently been promoted to the role of Executive Vice President at Research & Incite.

Anagha has been with R&I for more than 13 years and during this time she has become a trusted partner to many of our clients as well as being instrumental in developing and growing our multicultural practice, including Ethnibus.

To learn more about our Multicultural practice including Ethnibus, please contact her using her contact form or phone (1) 416 467 7101 ext 017

Globalization – It’s a Local Thing!

canstockphoto15267477As Globalization continues to break down borders is there a chance that brands will become synonymous the world over? For instance, a number of celebrities and musicians have a global reach, portraying a consistent image across the globe – a case in point being the omnipresent Kim Kardashian and the singer Taylor Swift.

Could brands be facing a similar future?

The recent and swift exit of Target stores from Canada is a prime example that this is not the case and simply implanting a brand into a different country without truly understanding the local market place, can have huge financial consequence, as well as potentially a longer term impact on the brand itself.

However, the increasing pressure on marketing budgets, the rise of online shopping and social media has meant that some companies are underplaying or simply ignoring the important role that ‘on the ground’ research can play in highlighting the needs and habits of local consumers, which ultimately drives the success or failure of a brand. Continue reading

Storytelling at the MRIA Annual Conference

MRIA 2015 Moving from Insights to Impact Event Image

Mary Logan recently co-presented at the MRIA Annual Conference in Toronto with Jennifer Coombe, Marketing Manager at Catelli Foods Canada. The paper: Healthy Harvest Pasta Sauce: From Idea to Shelf, told the story behind the conception and launch of this new product to illustrate the important role market research plays in this ever changing  business world.

If your organization would like further information on the content of the paper, Mary is available to present the findings and to discuss in greater depth the insights this paper identified regarding the changing  role of market research.

Please contact Mary at for details.

Best part of living in a multi-cultural society?


Click here for more information on Ethnibus 2015

From a marketing perspective, there are several more opportunities to reach out to your consumers. As always, Ethnibus is poised to measure the impact of your activations in a meaningful manner.

As we head into the Dragon Boat Festival and Ramadan, be sure to use the current wave of Ethnibus 2015 to establish a baseline read for your activations. Continue reading

Crafting Relevant and Engaging Concepts

Writing winning concepts can be an onerous task and often those closest to the brand or new product idea will find the job even tougher as they strive to develop an objective yet persuasive product offering.

There are 4 core elements to any good concept:

  • The Insight
  • Benefit
  • Reason to Believe
  • Tagline

The Insight plays a critical role and is at the heart of successful new products. It should reflect how a consumer would actually
articulate a need or challenge. Refrain from use of extreme or virtuous language or talking down to the consumer by telling them how they should think or feel. A consumers automatic reaction will be to disagree with and potentially reject the concept. Continue reading

Packaging Research – Ten Steps to Actionable Insights

  1. Don’t rush the research process – the stakes are high and the risks too great.
  2. Set clear benchmarks for success – and stick to them irrespective of the results.
  3. New packaging cannot ‘win’ on every metrics – it is important to assess performance on the core objectives outlined in the design brief.
  4. Include the current packaging as a benchmark – this will provide clear direction on the implications of a change and the potential for success of the new design. Continue reading