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Multicultural Initiatives

Consumer groups’ relationship  with brands and marketing initiatives can be summarized as a mix of conformity and divergence. Research & Incite recognizes this paradox and provides a judicious mix of research know-how and a sensitive approach to understanding different consumer perspectives.


  • Do you have just one or two questions for which you are seeking answers from specific consumer groups?
  • Would you like a quick check on whether messaging is being understood and resonates within the desired target group?
  • Ethnibus – a fast and cost effective way to reach different ethnicities.

                                        2017 Ethnibus Schedule

The quota sample is structured on three dimensions:

  • Tenure (Time in Canada)
    •  0 to 10 years (minimum n=600)
    •  Additional option 11 years, plus and second generation (up to n=400)
  • Markets:
    • Toronto CMA (n= 300 + 200)
    • Vancouver CMA  (n=300 +200)
  • Ethnic groups:
    • Chinese and South East Asian (n=300 +200)
    • South Asian (n=300 +200)

Ethnibus Sample Structure

Ethnibus Sample Structure

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Breakfast Sessions

The ‘Shattering Ethnic Inertia’ Series was aimed at providing clear direction on different facets of implementing an ethnic strategy, using –

  • Real case studies
  • Proven frameworks
  • Application across a broad range of categories

At the end of each session participants left with concrete answers, actionable direction and solid how-to’s to develop and support their ethnic strategies.

First Session: Gear up for Tapping into the Ethnic Opportunity
Second Session:
Leveraging Festivals to Support Ethnic Strategy
Third Session: 
Foundational Media Principles to Effectively Target Multicultural Canadians

Research & Incite Ethniview Website LogoEthniview: Published facts and figures at your fingertips. Customized reporting provides an overview and perspective for your category among desired ethnicities.

Ethniview – an indispensable tool in your ethnic journey!


  • We measure how consumer groups integrate and adapt to their new environment, providing marketers with insights to develop and target messaging.
  • The Ethni-Index pinpoints where these consumers fall within the spectrum across a range of categories.
  • The Ethni-Index provides an objective tool for marketers as input into creating and refining strategies for their brands based on the level of acculturation of specific consumer groups.
  • A big advantage of this tool is it’s applicability to mainstream consumers. This provides a benchmark whereby marketing initiatives can be indexed to the population at large, giving marketers the direction on ‘how much to invest in a certain consumer group’ and ‘how to communicate with them’.

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