• Declining project timelines
  • Ever shrinking budgets
  • Diminishing response rates/engagement
  • Increasing use of mobile devices
  • Collecting responses from Millennials


  • An added value suite of tools from Research & Incite
  • Faster turnaround and more cost effective
  • Cross platform access – desktop, laptop, mobile
  • Access to a cross representation of consumers
  • Insightful recommendations and analysis


Our toolkit of proprietary approaches now includes faster and more cost effective research solutions with the same level of insightful analysis.

  • Focused U&A studies
  • Key questions for a category, brand or target consumer
  • Value added approach
  • Optimum number/assortment of products within a portfolio
  • Identifies source of volume for each offering
  • Provision of simulator to run ‘what if?’ scenarios
  • RealTime Quali-Quant approach now available on-line
  • Provides the same depth of insight – more flexible and cost effective
  • Qualitative research has never been this convenient
  • Identifies clear winners and hidden opportunities
  • Pinpoints trendsetting new product ideas
  • Sample of early adopters and mainstream consumers